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Get part of your money back every time. Everyone deserves a second chance. Losing is no fun and that is why Fun Casino will let you try again for free. Every single time! This way you get to continue playing without having to make another deposit. Who knows, maybe this time you’ll end up with a mega big win!

Simply put, Fun Casino introduced a permanent and unlimited 10% cashback scheme. Let’s say you try your luck on some of the games. You might get a big win, but you might also be unlucky this time around. For such an occasion Fun Casino have created a brand new page.

How to claim your cashback:

  • This new page is called the ‘Cashback’ page and it can be reached by going to your profile. Simply log into your account, click on your name in the top right corner of your screen and then click on ‘Go to my account.’ From there you can easily navigate to the cashback page.
  • On that page you will see our new cashback system explained in more detail.
  • You will save cashback for every lost deposit which wasn’t connected to a bonus offer.
  • Your total cashback will accumulate as long as you keep losing, however it will decrease if you end up winning.
  • The cashback will become available only 24 hours after made your initial deposit.
  • To claim your cashback, click the ‘Activate cashback’ button once the timer has run out.
  • The cashback is then immediately added to your balance in cash. There are no wagering requirements or any other annoying bonus terms you need to worry about. You can use this money to continue playing, but you can of course also choose to withdraw it to your bank account. It’s all up to you!

Have fun!

Fun Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

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